At e-Quant we specialise in providing
you with in-house training

At e-Quant we offer an extensive range of IT Service Management, Governance, and Security
related training courses.

We specialise in providing in-house training

We do NOT offer a public schedule for any of our courses. Instead we only deliver our training to you on an ‘in-house’ basis. That is, we schedule the delivery of a training course to fit in with your needs and we deliver the course on your premises (or a location that is convenient for you).

The advantages to you of in-house training include:

  • Cost – if you have a number (over 4) of delegates that require training then an in-house course will be far cheaper for you than sending the delegates on public training courses.
  • Convenience – our courses are delivered on the dates that suit you (and of course at a location that suits you)
  • Tailored content – for a large number of our courses we are happy to tailor the content and the delivery to make it more specific to you – i.e. we can concentrate on particular areas of interest in the subject matter, address particular issues you might have etc – all of which is not possible in a public course

Our pricing structure

For each training course we provide there are two pricing components. There is the 'Core Course' fee'. This fee applies irrespective of the number of delegates that you intend to place on the course. There is then the 'Additional per delegate' fee. This is the additional fee (additional to the Core Course fee) that will be charged for each delegate that attends the course.

An example – the ITIL Foundation course: here the Core Course fee is £1,950.00, and the additional per delegate fee is £135.00. So, if you have 5 delegates attending this course the total price we would charge you would be £2,625.00. If you have 10 delegates attending the course then the total price we would charge you would be £3,300.00.

Details of the Core Course and the Additional per delegate fees are provided with our course overviews.

The prices we quote are exclusive of vat, but are inclusive of all other costs and charges (i.e. we do charge you extra for anything - e.g. for trainer expenses, production of training materials etc), and they apply to training courses that will be delivered anywhere on the UK mainland. If you would like to enquire about any of our courses, or if you want to know more about any of our courses, our pricing, our approach etc., then please do not hesitate to contact us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.